Jen Paynter – Feelix Yoga Strap – Crowdfunding – Episode 1

Jen Paynter is our inspirational circular economy crowdfunded introvert yogi who can do anything.

With sustainability and a dogged single mindlessness Jen changed crowdfunding platforms mid flight – was over subscribed at 140% and from our discussion you know she has more authenticity than an original Rembrandt.

Let’s find out her winning strategies. Don’t forget to sign up to her newsletter for her latest meditation.

Jen’s website & the Feelix strap:


My goal is to get you guys thinking side hustles – and if you’ve got an idea and you’re not sure if crowdfunding is for you – we have an exclusive for you. After we recorded the podcast, I reached out to Irene Tsang the founder of and asked if they’d be prepared to help women decide if they should use crowdfunding, what might be involved and if their idea suited the platform.

Irene said yes – and she’s giving listeners a one hour free consult to see if it’s something that could work for you – Irene has a long history with fortune 500 companies and she gives her time freely and she is highly principled in helping you achieve the best outcome. I think it’s an incredible opportunity.

Remember – I don’t make a thing out of this – check out to get your one hour consult with Irene. Sorry blokes, nothing for you today – but I have some big news to share in an upcoming episode that will benefit all Side Show Hustle Podcast listeners.


Key Links

Australian women’s crowdfunding platform:
IP Australia:
Jen uses this website builder:
Jen’s recommended Vic Library Start Space:

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