Arwen Jayne – Indie Author – Episode 6

Side Hustles aren’t all about the cash – for almost 50% of people they’re about doing the things you love – indulging in your passion, or taking your inspiration and creating a community.

Our next guest is an Indie author – pumping out novels on Amazon.

Arwen has had a career, had a life changing experience and now writes fictional tales that take her enthusiasm for the planet, community – some of them rather erotic!

Arwen’s latest work has a title that all hustlers should embrace: In the Unknown Everything Awaits.

If you’re curious – we discuss which of her books is a good starting place – helping out indie authors through buying their creative content isn’t just a cash boost – it motivates them to go on and do better, do more.

Consider a purchase of one of her books the price for listening to the podcast.

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