Essential Series – Websites & How I make $1000/hr from one.

Hi Team,

Side Show Hustle – Essential Series – Websites

This is our first short/compact podcast focused purely on how to get your website right.

The world is full of people with ideas and tips – but there must be some first principals we can work with when it comes to websites.

This episode will give you the foundations to explore and enjoy success with your website – it’s not the absolute comprehensive guide to websites – but it is the quickest opening of the kimono I can give you and what I do all the time to maximise website assets and google search.

How I make $1000/hr from a website – you’ll have to listen to the podcast – but it’s pretty easy, I explain everything I did – there really aren’t any tips or tricks – sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know.

I hope you’ve learn something from the episode, and if you’ve got any questions let us know over on the Facebook group.

Hosting: I use – it’s old, and it’s in the US, it’s been incredibly reliable and I’d recommend it – this site is on there now – I should probably move to an Aussie one. Some Aussie ones:

All in one website builder and webhosting. Wix & Shopify are common platforms for the technophobes.

I generally don’t shop around to register a domain name – I just pick one and continue to use it. is pretty reliable. – you can see it’s an ugly site – but try google for a Queensland Ecologist. – this is the $1000/hr website. – great website for anyone looking to connect with main stream media – or find a lead – or get a story out there.

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