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Welcome to Side Show Hustle.

This podcast is exclusively focused and dedicated to bringing your all types of side hustles and the hustlers behind them. To inspire, teach and create a community around the side hustle/startup community.

Each interview will run for 40-60 min. Where we will deconstruct the side hustle and the mindset of the hustler behind it.

I tackle some of the harder questions – how much did it cost, why did you do it, where did it go wrong, why did it go wrong, why would you do it again – so we can all learn from their mistakes.

We’ll also find out what tools they use, what habits they have that help them manage their job and their side hustle.

The goal is to remove all of your excuses and roadblocks so you can have a successful side hustle that is fit for your purpose – be it a passion project, some cash for holidays – who knows, maybe it’ll become your main hustle.

In between feature length interviews we’ll be releasing 5-10 minute podcasts focused on the essential elements required to run a successful side hustle – again, by the end of the series everyone should be on the same page and have a basic set of skills to get up and running.

My personal goal is to prove to you that there really is a side hustle for everyone… and I mean everyone.

We’re on the hunt for sponsors BUT we’re not looking to make a cent out of them – in fact, we want them to put up a deal for you – we want them to get behind small side hustle start ups so that they can help small business become whatever it is you need.

If you’re a bank – we need a $0 fee free business banking account – and for listeners we’d love you to put $50 to $100 in it.

If you’re a services platform – and you know who you are – then stuff a $50 credit into every new account?

If you’re a bookkeeping company – giveaway 12 month subscriptions.

If you are an email/document company (common Google and Microsoft) – hand over a 12 month single user subscription – some of these businesses will flourish – remember every BIG business started SMALL.

If I can create the right content – and connect with the audience – then the sponsors will follow – suffice to say I’m working my @ss off to maximise return for the listeners. If there is a product you’d love to have access to let us know – we’ll knock on their door and see what we can do…. remember we aren’t offering services I wouldn’t already recommend, so the value for the listener is paramount.

Lastly – we recognise that women in Australia get a pretty rough ride when it comes to business. We think women have been the movers and the shakers in the side hustle economy since the cave peoples (?)…. and in recognition of the kick@ss women that are out there hustling – we tip our hat to you, and hope that shinning a light on your achievements makes it easier for other women to get started.

If we can inspire just one of you to start a side hustle then we’ve won the day – if we can convince you to come back on season 2 and tell us how you did it – even better!

Sit down, lean back, strap in and hold on…..

Enjoy the trailer

This is Side Show Hustle.

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